Hotel Rural Vila Joaquina

Dates and events from some moments in the Hotel.

2001-06-29 - His Excellency the Secretary of Tourism officialy opens the Vila Joaquina Rural Hotel.

2000-09-01 - At 1 September 2000, the Vila Joaquina was opened with a french delegation.

2005-06-01 - The Vila Joaquina joins in association with one of the most recognized hotel chaines in Spain - OCA HOTELS

2006-08-05 - With CibernauŽ, Vila Joaquina have promoted a small course, wich has as main porpuse: Educate for the body's well being

2007-02-13 - We're now certificated for producing in organic mode. This way we garantee you more benefitial products for your diet.

2006-07-21 - The Biologic@ team acomplished an initiative to promote biological agriculture, taking advantage of our surroundings.

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